Katie & Bob – Hotel Congress Tucson Wedding

The Couple: Katie and Bob
The Venue: Hotel Congress in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve been to so many weddings in my career, but never one quite like Katie and Bob’s! The wedding ceremony and reception reflected the couple’s love of punk rock, dark glamour, and their family. It wasn’t the first time I’d photographed Katie—I took her maternity photos several years ago and newborn photos when her daughter Charlotte was born. So, I was very excited to be there to photograph her as a bride. The love between Katie and Bob, and the love they have for their children, was truly wonderful to see and I’ve gotta admit I teared up a little during the ceremony. One of my favorite details of the day was that Katie made each of the kids a personalized denim vest complete with patches and buttons. They were the coolest flower girl and ring bearer outfits I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much, Katie and Bob (and Patricia!) for having me there—I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and I hope that we bump into each other at Che’s Lounge again next time I’m in Tucson.

SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-1 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-2 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-3 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-4 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-5 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-6 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-7 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-8 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-9 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-10 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-11 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-12 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-13 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-14  SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-16 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-17 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-18 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-19 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-20 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-22 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-24 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-25 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-27 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-28 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-29 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-30 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-31 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-32 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-33 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-34 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-35 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-36 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-37 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-38 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-39 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-40 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-41 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-42 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-45 SarahTrainor-KatieBob-Tucson-Wedding-46

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