Hi, I'm Sarah!

I take lots of pictures.

Raised in the desert and the darkroom.
12+ Years In The Biz

My father inspired my passion for photography when I was just 13 years old. He encouraged me to sign up for Photography 101 and gave me my very first film camera. The darkroom soon became my favorite place and I started taking pictures constantly. Some of my work caught the eye of my photography instructor, who took me under his wing. By 14, I had photographed my first wedding, a big fat Greek ceremony that I’ll never forget. Countless weddings and many years later, I still love what I do.

Photojournalistic Style

While some of my photos are posed, most are candid. I think the most beautiful wedding photographs are naturalistic, capturing the fun and emotion of the celebration, and the unforced beauty of the participants. When I photograph a wedding, I aim to be invisible at all of the big moments. It’s my job to document the moment and capture its beauty, not to participate in it. I am not a pushy photographer who expects the schedule of the day to be built around my needs. It’s YOUR wedding and YOUR day! I try to be as flexible and laid-back as possible while still getting the shot.

Fun Facts

I was born in Southern California and raised in Tucson, Arizona. I attended the University of Arizona and studied abroad in Hungary, Romania, Spain, France, and Greece. I moved to LA near the end of 2013 and really enjoy the food, ocean breezes, and abundance of entertainment! I love coffee, Star Trek, roadtrips, chorizo breakfast burritos, art museums, the style and music of the 1950s+1960s, film noir, cute dogs (particularly Shiba Inus and Pit Bulls), succulents, live music, cheese, and crafting.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
Marc Riboud